What is iP7?

iP7 is a discussion and evaluation system for solution- and quality-oriented intelligent decision-making and a sample-size independent, free and democratic self-organization. As a scientific measurement and model kit for common goal and welfare and holistic self-reflection of any (political) ideas, methods and performances, iP7 allows a holistic and context-oriented mapping of problem spaces, and related solutions, political proposals, actions, community services, tools and many more.

P stands for the result of a specific goal-oriented and quality-related evaluation of solutions and therefore conscientious democratic decision processes in the face of simple or complex/severe psycho-social, economic or ecological problems. Measuring P as universal indicator(s) of the quality of any perception, idea and performance in terms of personal and common values, and protects an organism or community of being censored or manipulated in freedom of will and expression, and from being intransparently corrupted/alienated, or infiltrated by external or others interests.

i stands for the information quality and freedom of information as a prerequisite for conscientious decisions.

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